Courses taught and in progress

Since Fall 2015:

24-452: Mechanical Systems Experimentation (MSE)

The purpose of this course is to provide senior level undergraduate students experimental background and understanding on the dynamic behavior and control of mechanical systems. In addition, specific issues about mechanical systems experimentation, such as repeatability, linearity, design of experiments and uncertainty, will be discussed. This required course, which is offered every year, sets the stage for students to work on experimentation in advanced courses/projects in controls and robotics.


Spring 2017-2019, Fall 2020:

24-653: Materials and their Processing for Mechanical Engineers

This course (supported by NSF CAREER CMMI1751605 and Struminger Fellowship) introduces the fundamental concepts behind how the processing of materials influences their atomic/molecular structures and resulting properties. These concepts are then applied to characterize and interpret the (mechanical, electrical, magnetic, and optical) properties of various material systems as part of a final project. A virtual game-based or “Minecraft” learning environment will provide hands-on materials processing experience to students. Students work with me on projects related to hardware/experiments, materials design/testing and theory. For a sneak preview, see videos below the poster:

Material Sciences Course -spring 2017