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  1. Designing reliable electrochemical cells for operando lithium-ion battery study
    L Su, P Choi, BS Parimalam, S Litster, B Reeja-Jayan
    MethodsX, 101562
  2. Multiscale operando X-ray investigations provide insights into electro-chemo-mechanical behavior of lithium intercalation cathodes
    Laisuo Su, Paul Choi, Nathan Nakamura, Harry Charalambous, Shawn Litster, Jan Ilavsky, B Reeja-Jayan
    Applied Energy 299, 117315
  3. Electrode Surface Engineering in Lithium Ion Batteries
    L Su, B Reeja-Jayan
    US Patent App. 16/886,948
  4. Tailoring Electrode–Electrolyte Interfaces in Lithium-Ion Batteries Using Molecularly Engineered Functional Polymers
    Laisuo Su, Jamie L Weaver, Mitchell Groenenboom, Nathan Nakamura, Eric Rus, Priyanka Anand, Shikhar Krishn Jha, John S Okasinski, Joseph A Dura, B Reeja-Jayan
    ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces 13 (8), 9919-9931
  5. Operando Particle-Scale Characterization of Silicon Anode Degradation during Cycling by Ultrahigh-Resolution X-ray Microscopy and Computed Tomography
    P Choi, BS Parimalam, L Su, B Reeja-Jayan, S Litster
    ACS Applied Energy Materials 4 (2), 1657-1665
  6. Isolating Specific vs. Non-Specific Binding Responses in Conducting Polymer Biosensors for Bio-Fingerprinting
    PM Smith, I Sutradhar, M Telmer, R Magar, AB Farimani, B Reeja-Jayan
    Sensors 21 (19), 6335
  7. Linking far-from-equilibrium defect structures in ceramics to electromagnetic driving forces
    Nathan Nakamura, Laisuo Su, Han Wang, Noam Bernstein, Shikhar Krishn Jha, Elizabeth Culbertson, Haiyan Wang, Simon JL Billinge, C Stephen Hellberg, B Reeja-Jayan
    Journal of Materials Chemistry A 9 (13), 8425-8434
  8. Far-from-equilibrium effects of electric and electromagnetic fields in ceramics synthesis and processing
    B Reeja-Jayan, J Luo
    MRS Bulletin 46 (1), 26-35
  1. Engineering lithium-ion battery cathodes for high-voltage applications using electromagnetic excitation
    Laisuo Su, Shikhar Krishn Jha, Xin Li Phuah, Jiang Xu, Nathan Nakamura, Haiyan Wang, John S Okasinski, B Reeja-Jayan
    Journal of Materials Science 55, 12177-12190
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