Workshop on Electromagnetic Effects in Materials Synthesis

This inaugural 2-day workshop on Far-From -Equilibrium Effects in Electromagnetic Field-assisted Synthesis and Processing Sciences will focus on examining the role of experimentation and theoretical modeling in developing a fundamental understanding of the role of electromagnetic fields in the rational design and molecular scale synthesis of materials.

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We study molecular scale materials engineering to disrupt the traditional “equilibrium” structure and consequently, the behavior or properties of materials. One classic example is a plastic, which we traditionally consider an insulator” that conducts electricity. Similar examples can also be seen in glass-like materials, which are traditionally not as mechanically strong as say metals, but can be made to be stronger by introducing molecular scale structural reinforcements.

Our multidisciplinary research has three goals:

  1. Design new (and re-discover old) far-from-equilibrium and hybrid materials incorporating organic, inorganic, and biological constituents at multiple length scales.
  2. Process these materials into precisely engineered, grafted interfaces with diverse materials like inorganic surfaces, polymers, and biomolecules.
  3. Investigate how the morphology and chemistry of these materials and their interfaces influence mass and charge transport. The resulting knowledge will significantly advance technology development in thrust areas like energy and biosensing.

Molecular Scale Design

We have extensive experience in synthesizing inorganic (ceramic) and organic (polymeric) thin films, powders, and interfaces using solution based sol-gel/microwave-assisted synthesis and chemical vapor deposition (CVD) polymerization. We carry out microscopic, spectroscopic and analytical characterization of thin films, as well micro/nano-fabrication processes for building and testing of photovoltaic, battery, and sensing devices.
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B. Reeja Jayan, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor
Mechanical Engineering
Materials Science & Engineering (courtesy)

Carnegie Mellon University
412 Scaife Hall, Pittsburgh, PA 15213

phone: (412)268-4343
email: breejaATcmuDOTedu

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